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Geared Motor

Geared motor and gearboxes are the heart of any engineering product. It is not just the torque and speed but the RELIABILITY of the Geared Motor that defines the performance of your product or equipment.


Reliability comes through superior product design, years of manufacturing excellence, in-depth knowledge about Gear Technology, continuous improvements and an attitude of no compromise on product quality.

Radicon Power Build

POWER BUILD PVT LTD, popularly known as PBL, has embodied these attributes since 1972. Having invested continuously on technology and design, PBL has the finest infrastructure to design and manufacture Geared Motors, Gearboxes and Drive assemblies. After decades of experience in Gear technology and continuous product development, our RADICON POWERBUILD brand of Geared Motor and Gearboxes have become the trusted workhorse of the industry across the globe.

Over the years PBL has consistently delivered world class, robust and reliable products across the world. More than 1.5 million units are performing in and around India and the world.

Unleashing Power. Unlocking Value.

RADICON POWERBUILD offers the widest range of Geared Motors, Gearboxes and Drive Solutions that provide the best value for your investment. Our global network will ensure that you always find technical support nearby. Experience the power of proven Performance and the advantage of RADICON POWERBUILD, the Leaders in Power Transmission Solutions.

So, whenever you think of Geared Motors, choose Reliability over the ordinary. Choose RADICON POWERBUILD, a name that personifies RELIABILITY and VALUE.